Our sole focus at BBS is helping each client to achieve their best results for their particular need. Fitness is not a cookie cutter situation where everyone needs the exact same thing. All bodies/people respond differently to different stimuli...therefore we use our knowledge to assess and prepare individual plans for each client. 

At BBS that is how we define "Personal Training"! Making someone tired, sore, even sick (ridiculous) does not mean you making them better. We believe in crawl, walk, run theory...start slow and advance appropriately! Obviously this can't be done in a $9.95 or $14.95 monthly membership setting. Instead BBS is a bit more private and exclusive. Most people wouldn't take a Mercedes to a lesser car dealership for service!

We are very very proud of our work with Youth and Youth Fitness at BBS. Not only Sports Performance (athletes) but also the Youth that might one day become an athlete yet not realize their ability and potential due to circumstances. We take our Youth (from 7-8 yrs old up) very serious, realizing this is the best time to begin to teach fitness and if taught properly can be life changing and something that can be done for a lifetime!!